Romania (i/roʊˈmeɪniə/ roh-may-nee-ə; dated spellings Roumania[6] and Rumania;[7][8] Romanian: România [romɨˈni.a] ( listen)) is a country located at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe, bordering on the Black Sea.[9] Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the northeast and east, and Bulgaria to the south. At 238,400 square kilometers (92,000 sq mi), Romania is the ninth largest country of the European Union by area, and has the seventh largest population of the European Union with more than 19 million people.[2] Its capital and largest city is Bucharest, the tenth largest city in the EU.

În trecut, ne-am mai plimbat pe-aici:


16 Responses to unde-i vaxxi acum?

  1. Leo says:

    Si locatia exacta? 😀

  2. Leo says:

    Poate pe 19 te nimeresti in Paulesti Township 😀

  3. Leo says:

    aniversara de 5 ani de cand exista clubul si forumul (stii tu care) 😀

  4. Leo says:


  5. guest says:

    sal esti?

  6. mary says:


    Am primit o oferta de munca in KUWEIT, pentru 1300 de euro pe luna. Avand in vedere ca stai acolo m-ai putea ajuta cu un sfat daca mi-ar ajunge acesti bani sa platesc si chiria si sa traiesc decent?
    Multumesc si astept raspunsul tau.!
    Mi-ar fi de mare mare ajutor!

  7. Madalin says:

    Salut, inca mai esti activ pe aici?

  8. Florin says:

    Avem probleme cu
    Ne poti ajuta te rog ?

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